Wifi can be good but sometimes unreliable.  Especially when other devices are using your Wifi bandwidth.

We can install a hard wired data point in your home to alleiviate this issue. 

More reliable than Wifi or powerline adapters giving you a reliable and stable connection to your network


Home Data Point - Work From Home Data Points

SKU: 36795
  • We will install an RJ45 Cat5e computer data point at your router location and another on an external wall near your 'work from home office' laptop / PC location

    Cabling will be routed on the outside of your building and drilled through

    Price based on 30m of cable

    We will speed test the cabling to ensure it is up to speed

    We will provide patch leads to patch you in to the router and the new wall port

    No more wifi issues

    *This will not increase your external internet speed provided by your internet service provider (ISP)

    All points are 

  • For installations in apartments and flats a visit to your home maybe required in order to asses the installation