Triton Sambada Electric Shower White 9.5Kw


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A stylish and curvaceous electric shower with simple controls. With the Sambada electric showers you can step into the shower at your favourite pre-selected temperature. To start the Sambada simply turn the power selector to choose the cold, economy or high power setting. This allows you to leave the temperature dial at the number you used last time and step straight into your favourite shower.

You will require a lower number in the summer, as the incoming mains water will have a higher ambient temperature.


  • Single control for stop/start
  • Power selector for Cold / Economy / High Temperature
  • Control with numbered dial for easy temperature selection
  • Power on indicator
  • Riser rail with soap dish
  • Dimensions: Height: 305mm/Width: 210mm/Depth: 110mm
  • Multiple cable and water entry points
  • Seperate Power and temperature controls
  • Riser Kit with Single Pattern rub-clean showerhead
  • unbeatable value for money

Triton Sambada Electric Shower White 9.5Kw

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