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PRODUCT RECALL Energizer Xbox One Smart Chargers

Category: Audio-Visual And Computers, Chargers And Adaptors

Product name: Energizer XBOX ONE Smart Chargers

Brand: Energizer

Model number: Energizer XBOX ONE 2X Smart Chargers, item number 048-052-UK or 048-052-EU

Recall date(s): 05/04/2017

Description: Energizer brand smart chargers for XBOX ONE video game console controllers - see images for details.

Approximately 1,464 of these products are thought to be in the UK.

Risk: The chargers can overheat, posing a burn hazard to users.

What to do: If you have an affected product stop using it immediately and contact Performance Designed Products for a full refund.

Phone number: 02036 957 905

Or submit an on-line ticket here

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