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Access Control

With the need for security constantly increasing ensure you have adequate security on your first line of defence into your property and within your property. Installing a PC based system gives you great versatility in who can access your doors and when they can access. This gives you a monitored 24 hour security system. 


Hands free options are available which are ideal for warehouses using forklift trucks, for example, or even barriers to a car park. Energy saving readers can be used and installed into rooms such as meeting rooms; giving control over who can use the meeting room at a specified time, turn the air conditioning on and control the lighting within the room. Add and remove users via your PC with the touch of a button within your building or any of your buildings throughout the UK.

Proximity sensor installed on door
Keyfob access control
Keyfob access control

We can design and install a biometric access control system bespoke to suit your needs. No more carrying around fobs or cards.

JLEC Electrical are registered Paxton Access installers and have a team of trained installation and commissioning engineers.

JLEC Electrical supply, install, commission and maintain all types of access control systems

These are listed below:

  • Multi-occupancy access system

  • Standard 1 way access systems (1 door 1 phone)

  • Swipe card access system

  • Keypad access system

  • Biometric Systems

  • Proximity access system

  • Wireless

  • Access systems

  • Paxton Access NET2 Access control systems

Our most common access control system that we install is the Paxton Access NET2 system.  This is a server based system utilizing either a PC, Server or Virtual Server

We carry out access control installations in Bradford, access control installations in Leeds and access control installations in Manchester.

Paxton Access Control

JLEC Electrical Ltd. Electricians, Data, Fire, CCTV & Access Control

Access Control


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