High Definition CCTV Systems

Rather than explain the difference between standard analogue CCTV systems and High Definition CCTV systems. We think the image below speaks for itself.

We carry out CCTV design and installations to suit all your requirements.

With the advance in technology we can turn your existing coaxial cabling into an IP based system so there is no need to replace cables, therefore reducing installation costs.  Existing cabling can be used up to 1800m

New High Definition CCTV systems currently offer pin sharp quality high definition (HD) images in which you can play and zoom within the HD image. 

Integrating Digital Video recorders into your LAN or WAN.

Viewing over the internet, on your smart phone or iPhone to ensure you can keep an eye on what's going on when you're away.

Services Include:

  • Design of CCTV systems

  • Installation of CCTV Systems for Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Schools and Domestic situations

  • Digital Video Recorders along with easy to operate Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

  • Pan Tilt and Zoom Camers with all controls.  Controls can even be used via the web application or smartphone / iPhone application

  • Data Network Cabling

  • Wireless Transmission and Telemetry

  • IP CCTV Installations - Installers of Vista Equipment

  • High Definition HD IP CCTV System - NVR's and Megapixel Camera

  • Network Video Recorders

  • Covert CCTV Systems, Secret Cameras

  • Remote viewing over the internet

  • Remote viewing via mobile smart phones such as Nokia or iPhone

Enter a new era of power, performance and freedom with Vista’s new Video Management Software qulu. Designed to offer the most efficient performance on the market today this revolutionary software allows users to interact with live video like never before.  And with a continually updated IP Device Support List, your experience will be set to grow and grow.

We can design and install a FULL Qulu IP camera system complete with a dedicated server, IP cameras, licencing and full software package. Not convinced? Check out the video below and see for yourself the capabilities of a Qulu system.

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