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By clicking on the logos below, you will be directed to the relevant website of that company. JLEC hold no responsibility of 3rd party cookie policies used by such companies.

Our Clients

This page is dedicated to all of our wonderful clients and associates over the years. How many do you recognize?

Princes logo
Emballator logo
Systagenix logo
British Gypsum logo
The Label Makers logo
Morses Club logo
Mercure Hotels logo
John Ayrey logo
Synergy Health logo
LF Europe logo
Fairpoint logo
Diocese of Bradford logo
Capita logo
H Dawson logo
Denso logo
Pulman Steel logo
Switch2 logo
Comserve logo
Butterfield Signs logo
Bewleys logo
Handelsbanken logo
Fantastak logo
Leeds Bradford Airport logo
Dormeuil logo
Schawk! logo
Agenda1 logo
IMI logo
Brosnans logo
Medasil logo
Ceva logo
Bradford Bazaar logo
IPA Pool logo
Dilbags Cloth House logo
P&B Foods logo
George Barker logo
Jupiter Hotels logo
The Mineral Planning Group logo
CBL Drinks logo
Bradford Academy logo
Curti Lifts logo
Transmec logo
Armadillo logo
Helistrat logo
Neo PS logo
Burmar Fabrications logo
Ashdown Phillips logo
Bibby Distribution logo
Bowers Metrology logo
HSL logo
Maritime logo
Pinche Pinche logo
Ravat & Ray logo
2gether logo
AMF Bruns logo
Grainger Games logo
Cennox logo
CTrack logo
Widdups logo

If your logo is featured on this page and you wish to have it removed, simply contact us and we'll be happy to oblige. These logos are the intellectual property of their featured company and are fairly used within all copyright laws.

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