Solar PV Installations

With the increase in energy costs soaring it is now time to invest in a Solar PV installation.

JLEC Electrical are MCS accredited to install Solar PV.

Established in 1978, JLEC Electrical are a well established, family run electrical contracting business.  Given the increase in energy bills over the years, we have invested in becoming MCS accredited for solar PV installations.  


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Working with industry, MCS defines, maintains and improves quality by certifying low-carbon energy technologies and contractors – including heat pumps, solar, biomass, wind and battery storage.

MCS aims to decarbonise heat and power in the UK’s homes by giving you confidence in home-grown energy.

So before you invest in a solar PV system ensure it is through an MCS accredited contractor, like us! 

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Benefits of Solar PV Include

  • Cut your electricity bills

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Store over generated energy in batteries or hot water

  • Receive payments for extra energy you generate

Services Include

  • Solar PV Design

  • Solar PV Installations - Commercial, Industrial & Domestic

  • Optimized Systems

  • Energy Diverters (Hot Water & EV Charging)

  • Battery Storage

  • EV Charging

Solar electricity panels, also known as photovoltaics (PV), capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that you can use in your home.

By installing solar panels, you can generate your own renewable electricity.

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JLEC Solar PV Installation
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Series of photos showing solar panels being fitted.
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Solar Panels
Solar Panels