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Is your kitchen at risk of going up in flames?

Last week, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue attended a dishwasher fire in Potterhanworth, caused by an electrical fault.

The fire caused serious damage to the property, including the dishwasher and kitchen. The service is now reminding residents to make sure their appliances are safe to avoid more incidents.

Check the condition of your wiring – This should be done when you move into a new home and then once every 10 years.

Check your sockets regularly – if you see burn marks or they feel hot, get a registered electrician to check them.

Turn off any electrical equipment you are not using – especially at night, when a fire can spread quickly while you sleep.

Regularly check flexible cables on kettles and other similar appliances – look for signs of fraying, general wear and tear, or a loose plug. Do this before you plug anything in.

Call the Fire and Rescue Service immediately if you smell burning that cannot be explained

Electrical conditioning
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