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LED Lighting, Why You Should Believe The Hype.

JLEC LED Lighting

Most people these days have a good understanding of the energy efficiency benefits of LED Lighting and many major commercial retail companies are reaping the benefits from the savings they have made from LED investments (usually up to 70% savings). Not only this, but more and more educational establishments, sporting venues, and even home owners are starting to make the switch too due to reductions in pricing.

Does LED Lighting really have environmental benefits?

Although many companies will be switching to LED Lighting due to the financial benefits that a business can gain, it is completely true that LED Lighting can also reduce your carbon emissions. LED technology has the ability to reduce your energy consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional lighting systems. Not only to LEDs last longer (up to 50,000 hours) but they also generate less heat and contain zero hazardous materials.

Aren’t LED lights really just the same as incandescent lights?

Absolutely not. The technology of LEDs is dramatically different. LED Lighting actually offers much more light than a traditional incandescent bulb, so in many cases you would end up purchasing much less lighting to cover the same area. LED Lighting provides a high level of uniformity of illumination which minimises the shadows and any colour abnormalities. Such light can help to minimise errors at work, providing focused vision without wasted light, as well as enhancing safety in the workplace. LED Lighting has even been proven to have a positive effect on company morale and improve the aesthetic look of an office or showroom.

Is LED Lighting overpriced?

Not anymore… Compared to traditional incandescent lights they are more costly, but when you consider the overall lifespan which is far, far greater, they actually provide significant savings. The initial investment is more than paid back over the life of the bulb as they are typically replaced every 15 years. In addition to the money that will be saved in utility costs, many can also save thousands on maintenance costs due to their longevity. An LED bulb will also slowly fade rather than burning out, giving you plenty of time to replace them gradually.

But do they really provide an adequate quality of light?

Today LED Lighting is used when only the best lights will do. They provide a brighter illumination when compared to alternatives. Previously the technology was not quite so superior and perhaps the quality wasn’t quite as good as expected. This is no longer the case. For example, traffic signals which require the brightest of light rely on LED Lighting in order to provide the most visible of lighting even in the brightest hours of the daytime. LEDs are now much brighter than your traditional lighting solution and will help to improve visibility. In fact, an LED bulb can closely mimic the light of actual daylight.

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