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UPS & Generator Comms Room Project

JLEC have recently completed the installation of an upgrade of a comms room essential and non-essential distribution system in Leeds City Centre

A new 320kW (160kW N+1) modular UPS system was installed. The system and the associated batteries had to be sited on different floors due to the loading capacity of the floors.

We installed new 'RAW mains' and 'Generator' mains for both the Comms room distribution and Comms room air conditioning. Steel wire armoured cabling was run through multi occupancy / multi tenant floors

One battery string installation

Due to the increase in demand the existing panel board was too small. We removed this at a time suitable for the client and replaced it with a new Schneider panel board to facilitate the addition supplies required

These were terminated in to Auto Mains Fail panels (AMF) for a fully automated and seamless change over from Raw Mains - UPS - Generator

AMF Panels in progress

A maintenance bypass switch was also installed for the UPS system to provide a full disconnection of the UPS should this be required

Working closely with the client, building managers, tenants and the main contractor a fully operation system was delivered on time as per the client request


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