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IT Suite Comms Relocation

JLEC Electrical were successful in a tender to relocate three comms cabinets to another location within the same building for operational purposes.

As with many comms cabinets we come across, the patching from cabinets to cabinets were in an extremely messy condition.

These cabinets consisted of a Cat6 structured cable installation of around 250 points, Cat6A structured cabling installation of 48 point linking to other cabinets within the IT suite and Fibre Optic patch panels all of which needed relocating.

Our particular task here was to carefully label, log and unpatch each individual port. Then unterminate each cable within each panel. Pull all the field wiring back into the new cabinet locations.

Due to the sensitivity of the data and the worldwide connections it served the works had to be carried out in a weekend.

Below are images of the work in progress

The system was finally brought back online in time for IT to power up all the servers and carry out system checks.

The project was a success and the business was unaffected by the works

See the full gallery below.

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